Can't set up a simple Google Calendar integration

If someone could provide a simple guide on how to do that I would greatly appreciate it:

I have a column “Appointment” When I enter date and time there I need automation rule to add that date and time to my google calendar’s specific calendar hopefully with the contractor’s name from the column “Name”. How do I that? What do I put in the “Start” input field? How do I add “Name” to the “Summary” input field?

Thank you.

Hello @M_G ,
It is kind of hard to help you if we can’t see your doc. Your best bet is to make a dummy doc that resembles your doc, but doesn’t contain any private or confidential information. If you share your doc with the community, you get usually quick and good help.

That said: I think you need to enter something like the following:
Summary: step 1
start: step 1 result.appointment
end: step 1 result.apointment+1/24 (for a one hour appointment)

Your trigger for the automation should be row changed for the column Apointment.
Don’t forget to turn on the automation and realize the automation might take a couple of minutes to trigger.

Will keep it in mind @joost_mineur

Your instructions worked like a charm. It’s actually quite simple. Not sure I couldn’t doing before lol.

Thanks a bunch.

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