Charts with Duration formatting and Time Aggregation

Hello, I need some help displaying charts with duration and times.

I’m making a sleep and body temperature tracking doc (circadian rythm analysis). I have two line charts and I’m stuck with different but related issues:

  1. For the sleep duration chart, I display dates in horizontal axis, and the duration in vertical axis. However, duration is displayed with values between 0 and 1 as shown in the image below. I guess it’s because it is measured in days, but I want to display the duration in the chart as time in hours with minutes.

I changed the vertical axis to a new column “Hours” (Duration.ToHours()) and the chart is better but the labels are things like “7.5” or “6.17” instead “7 hrs 30 mins” or “6 hrs 10 mins” as in the previous image. If I change the column with a text formula (e.g. Duration.ToText()) then nothing is displayed.

  1. For the temperature chart, I want to display the temperature in vertical axis aggregated by time of the day in the horizontal axis (HH:MM, from 00:00 to 23:59). This way, the chart should display the median temperatures along the hours of the day. However, as I have it now the time axis spans more than 24 hours (all days are displayed instead of aggregating values in the vertical axis, although I selected “Aggregate values” and the time axis is just a Time column, without Date.

Here’s a demo of the charts I currently have:

If I change the horizontal axis of the temperature chart to “Day hour” (Time.ToHours()) then the chart is more similar to what I want (24h in horizontal axis with even space between each hour) but the horizontal axis labels are numbers like in the duration chart, and not formatted like in the example doc (HH:MM).

Is there any way to improve these charts? Thank you.