Closing and opening form submission automation

In my form submission, how can I set it to close on Fridays and open for submission on Mondays?

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So there is no real way to CLOSE a form for submissions on certain days. There are two things you can do in this scenario though:

  1. You can run a form-submitted automation that, upon each from submission, uses an IF() condition to check the current day, and if the current day is Sat/Sun, your automation would delete the submission.
    • Kind of silly, but it should work. If you need to know more about automations you can learn about them here → Automation Video | Basics
  2. You can create a question in your form that has two aspects to it:
    a. The question is required for submission
    b. The question will throw an error if today().weekday()!=1 or today().weekday()!=7

Form validations are a feature of forms that allow you to check the current answer a user is attempting to submit, and it will block their submission if their answer does not meet certain criteria. You can then set a custom warning message as well.

So in your case, you would use the formulas in b above to essentially ensure that the submit button for a form would simply not work on weekends

Here is a screenshot of me using that feature with the formula today().weekday()!=2. Im writing this on a Monday, so needed to use something that would work!

If you need some help with any of these formulas, heres some advanced documentation on:

  • WeekDay()
  • WeekDayName()
  • WeekNumber()

Hi Scott!

Thanks for your reply and help. That’s a terrific suggestion and I’ll give that a try.

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