Coda API insert/update rows with different object types

Hi All,

I want to insert or update row in the coda table through coda API “{docId}/tables/{tableIdOrName}/rows” as per the intructions in the below doc.

I will be inserting some different objects like date, currency, user to the row in the doc table. I can use valueType rich to fetch the specific object type results. How can I do the same to insert/update the rows. Could you help me with some syntax please. Thanks for your help in Advance.


Hi @Elam_Jaybal - That’s correct, setting values can only be done via plain text. However Coda intelligently parses those plain text value based on the column type. It works the same way as when you type a value into the cell directly using your keyboard. For a date for example, you can see which date formats are interpreted correctly in the doc, and then use those same formats in your API request.


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