Coda update frequency

Made a line chart for fun with Coad update frequency .

IMO, It’s normal standard of update 40+ times per years, exclude holidays, vacations. Almost update 1 feature per week, update 4 features per month.

See the chart, In 2018 and 2019, update times reach out 44 and 54 times.

We’ll know Coda team have a great job for updating features.

Thanks Coda team.

After finished Coda update data, I added Notion for comparing.


Really interesting visualization! And great use of publishing as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kudos - the Coda team is very energized by the community’s enthusiasm!


Update frequency is the most of important evaluation metric for selecting tools.


Wow! i was thinking in doing the same :sweat_smile:
I’d like to see those in months, so we can track if coda is improving faster or slower in a month period :grin:
And those could also be “valuated” with something like 1-3 system where

1 is minor update (like little feature)
2 is useful update
3 is big update

it’s not just the number of update that matters, it’s how you update it :sunglasses:

Update: an advanced version could integrate also if the feature was request or not, and then by how many user and for how many days, those could gave us an idea in how much time is needed to build a category 1,2 or 3 update, and if the amount of user requesting it is really what turn it into a feature or not :grin:


Yeah! You’re right ,I was considered your idea.

Just number of update is version 1 for just updating speed. bcz the number is simple to do it .

V2 will categorize updated matters. it need more time to do it.

If the update frequency curve shows a downward trend, I do not think it is necessary to updates the classification. such as Notion.

V3 like you said. from request to implement of duration. it’s so complex.

Well. the best solution is made it by Coda official .

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Hi @Steve_Yang,

And now Coda hits the sky :rocket::rocket::rocket:, soon we’ll see the updates in your charts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

So many goodies to make us all staying at home :house:


I update my charts by url. not by community launch news.

and It’s worth spending time to categorize updated features for Version 2.

But update new feature number is simple to do it in time.

I don’t know Coda updating plan , I think it will update my chart in the April mid , maybe that time it’s almost done updating features.

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets

I found image

Nice !

Does Coda have coda 1.0, 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, …updates date ?