Column layout: What are these vertical lines - and how do I get rid of them

Hey there,

I am a newbie and still practicing Coda.
I have tried to bring some content into columns but I cannot say the process has been intuitive for me.

I have a question:
When I changed something, all of a sudden many vertical lines appeared. Does anyone know where they come from and how I can make them go away? Is this a bug maybe?

H iTom,

Welcome to Coda and the community.

Trying to work from a screenshot to provide help, is well-neigh impossible.

Please share the document using the following menu items:

Happy not coding
Rambling Pete

Hey Pete,

Thanks for your reply. I already changed the document, turning it from 2 superlong columns into a bunch of 2 column blocks instead (if that makes any sense). Anyway — the lines have disappeared for now. Thanks anyway for your support!

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