Dashboard "Filter Views" where other users don't affect your view

Hey all,

Hopefully not missing this feature somewhere. I’ve got a big company-wide dashboard where there’s a mix of user bases. Some are managing milestones in the dashboard pages / management pages, and others are simply viewing projects. I’d like a way to make the “Project List” page independent per user. This would be the same concept as “Filter Views” on Google Sheets. So I’d like to be able to, as User A, filter to top priority projects, and at the same time User B can be searching in the search box for a project completely independently.

I haven’t checked it, but I assume if I set the whole dashboard to “Play only” it might function in this way, but given certain areas need to be edits, that won’t work.

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Dear @Chase_Schwalbach,

It’s not(yet) native available but thanks to @Paul_Danyliuk it’s quite simple to implement

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Really cool workaround, but it actually breaks down in multiple ways that doesn’t allow me to use it:

  • I have the view locked so people cannot edit table values. Coda would need to introduce table-specific locking, so I could unlock the “Filter” table but not the main table, so people cannot edit the values of the main project table (there’s a management table for that, filtered to specific people)
  • I have 100s of users. When I open the page, it shows all the rows for the “Filter Table” for ~2 seconds until it filters them out. So Coda would need to improve that performance bottleneck so I don’t get messages every day asking what’s up (I already get these every day for views that are filtered for specific users, and it takes a couple seconds to come up)

Definitely will find use cases for this, but for this, I’m really aiming for that “All-Company” / Exec view. It needs to be super clean, and not able to be messed up or a bad user experience.

I believe user specific controls are on their shortlist. I think that will be coming pretty soon.

Could you tell us about the doc this belongs to? 100s of users is a lot! How is it going?

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Hey @Chase_Schwalbach, i was thinking about this!
I got the same problem!

Maybe it would make more sense for multi user doc’s to “show none” while loading, like an always false filter, and when the filter is succesfully loaded show the right rows!


Never encountered this problem. What’s your filter?

Is it set up like here? Best Practices Showcase (8 hours of videos & a doc)

The only workaround so far would be to duplicate those columns and make them formulas mirroring values from the editable columns. Formula columns are read-only so users won’t be able to edit values. Also make a dedicated layout for row details popup where people cannot edit what they shouldn’t. Yeah that’s twice the columns :confused:

The second (and perhaps better) workaround would be making a whole table simply reading data from the database table (the backend/frontend approach), but it comes with the requirement to create a row in the frontend table for each row in the backend table (e.g. through automation). Easier to setup though because you can just copy your existing table and quickly remake the formulas.

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