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Short version

I’d like functionality that would make Coda behave like Google Sheets filter views (or Jira Filters).


Currently, if users want to filter/view a table in a particular way without affecting other users, they need to create their own table view. This approach does not scale well.

I’d like users to be able to create their own table filters/views such that:

  1. The filter/view doesn’t affect the appearance of the source table, and
  2. The filter/view doesn’t create a new table view in the doc which is visible to/editable by other users.

Using Google Sheets terminology…

Coda currently has the equivalent of the Google Sheets filter function:

  • All users with access to a Coda table will see the table as it is currently filtered
  • Users with permission to edit the table will be able to change the filter
  • If a user changes the filter, all other users will automatically see the update to the table

Coda currently does not have the equivalent of the Google Sheets filter view function. If that function were added:

  • Users with access to a Coda table would be able to create and/or edit their own filter views
  • If a user applies a filter view to a table, other users will not see the update to the table

+100 to this. It would be a game-changer for our team.

Hi @Andrew_Davis1 and @Johnny_Hunter

While waiting for a native user-based controls, if you need something similar, there is a workaround (already covered in some previous posts).
It implies a simple background structure and some filtering code, but it does its job.

Have a look at this example and let me know if this fits your needs:

Feel free to ask if something is not clear.

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btw, I already had provided a working example and I just forgot about it… :man_facepalming:t2:

Same concept.


Thanks @Federico_Stefanato. That looks interesting.

So, basically, each logged in user can create one filter which only they would see, and that filter will update a view that also only they would see. Is that right?

This is definitely something we see a need for and it shows up in discussions and notes in internal meetings. It’s not a project yet, but it’s something that would make a great addition and we’ll be keeping it in mind.

For the moment, what @Federico_Stefanato posted is a great way to go. And yes, it will allow each person to see their own filtered set without affecting the view of others.

Here’s another doc I posted of various table search solutions and a few of these are per-user as well.

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Thanks @BenLee. Good to know.

+1 for filter views
would make it real multi user

See also

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@Andrew_Davis1 and all —

here’s my tutorial on how to implement this with some workarounds:

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