Is there a way to do personal filters?


We have a large table where rows are owned by a status owner as well as by a team. Whenever someone filters to only show items for the team or for a status owner the view changes for everyone. Creating one view for each combination of status owners and teams is not an option because the large amounts of views we’d need. Is there a way to filter in a table that does not change the view for other viewers?

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Please check out this post:

Credits to: @Paul_Danyliuk

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets it does solve how to have a view which is filtered on the viewers items, but what about other things like combinations of teams and other viewers? Say that I’m user A and I want to filter on items which is owned by user B and team 3 and team 4, but I don’t want to change the view for user C.

I understand what you need. It’s pretty easy, but I’m busy and lazy at the moment to make a demo doc myself. So could you please either share your doc or make one like yours but with no personal data, and I’ll just add it there?

It’s easier done than said. But ultimately you need a table with one row per user, and multi-selects for which teams and which users that user should see. Then composing a formula is as easy as

Filters.Filter(User = User()).First().[Groups shown].Contains(Group)
OR Filters.Filter(User = User()).First().[Users shown].Contains(User)

(actually even simpler since you want to show that control to the user, but I’ll do it in a demo)