Discord Pack under construction construction, beta access available!

Hi community :raising_hand_man:

  • Want to send messages to Discord from your docs?
  • See your server statistics?
  • View messages from a specific channel?
  • See an audit log of changes in your server?

The Discord Pack and Discord Bot Pack allow that and more :fire:

I am doing a closed beta so if you want access just send me your Coda email address by private message.

Some members of the community like @Scott_Collier-Weir, @Thierryvm and @Thomas_Baucom are already using it :wink:


Hello Leandro_Zubrezki

Thanks for mentioning us :), the pack works great and I hope to see the next update ^^



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Both Packs now available in the Gallery!

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Oh thank you very much, now I can dispense with Slack :ok_hand:

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