[Doc Explorer] - *LAUNCHED*

I pushed a fix! Can you re-sync your table and let me know how much you load?

I just successfully loaded 605 rows on a DocTables sync table

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99 tables + 160 views synced :slight_smile:
Time to do some spring cleaning !

Thanks a lot for the quick fix !


:wave: Hey there!

Two new additions to the Audit Pack

(1) New Parameters for easier entry
The DocId parameter that was required in every table can now simply just be the copy/pasted docs URL from your web browser

Hoping this makes it easier for newbies and seasoned users alike

(2) New Sync Table
I heard from many of you that you want to sync in the ColumnData on more than a single table at a time. Currently you can do this on the ColumnData sync table, but you have to manually add another sync each and every time for every table you want.

If you have a small doc, that is ok - but not for huge docs.

Now, with the new AllColumnData table you can sync in the column data for every table in a doc automatically!


fantastic !

i have been using these packs with a client with dozens of docs, hundreds of tables which have many trends of formulas, non of whice i was involved in.

so this extension to the pack is just what i need

this saves me many hours popping in and out of the formula editor to try to understand everything.

well done sir !



Alright! One more big update

Situation: You have a LARGE document with many tables and performance is starting to drag. Identifying the tables with huge row counts is crucial

Solution: The new rowCount() formula

I added a rowCount() formula that can be inputted into a column in the “Doc Tables” sync table. It reads the TableID from the relevant row and returns how many rows are in that table.

You can then easily sort your “Doc Tables” off the RowCount column and VOILA! You now have identified your most problematic tables and can attack them in a systematic way


@Scott_Collier-Weir, you are a machine

putting out packs and solutions at a great rate

these recent changes to the audit packs are great
making them so much more useful

well done indeed



Well done,

It is thanks to people like you that Coda will become excellent for many situations.

I hope one day to be able to do what you did and learn how to develop solutions to help the community.




:wave: Hey Everyone!

I have a really cool update to the Audit Pack that I JUST launched today. You can now bulk update any of the pages in your doc using the new Update Page button

Heres a quick walkthrough of how to do it!

Theres also one more little update I snuck in. The ability to delete/remove permissions from a button (to use together with the Doc Access table which syncs everyone a doc is shared with)


well done man, impressive


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