[Doc Explorer] - *LAUNCHED*

:wave: Hey there!

I officially launched the Audit Pack today which grabs meta-data on your Coda docs pages, tables, and columns. So far I’ve used it extensively in client work to help provide documentation on crucial Coda docs, audit slow moving tables by viewing all formulas at once, and more such as:

Providing Helpful HOW_TOS for each page in document
Super useful when you have larger teams and larger docs to quickly provide more extensive information on a pages use, and or videos, instructions, etc on how to use that page specifically
Screen Cast 2022-03-30 at 6.38.27 AM

Documenting notes on the use/purpose of a column
:raised_hands: Let me see a raise of hands for all you out there who have tables with >100 columns that have gained a life of their own? Now you can keep track of your columns, their use, and remeber why you created that column so long ago

Viewing all formulas to look for inefficiencies
Its just nice to see all your formulas at once isn’t it? Clears things up a bit!

Im sure you all will find new and creative uses for the Pack - If you have different use-cases than what I’ve been using it for and would like to see new features or Pack updates please don’t hesitate to respond back or shoot me an email at → scott@simpladocs.com

looking forward to seeing how you all use it!


That is amazing @Scott_Collier-Weir, I can’t think about someone better than you to build this kind of Pack!

I love to see Packs that are not related to a service and that just adds additional functionality to Coda itself, well done :raised_hands:

I have a quick question, does it work with synced tables from other Packs? I haven’t check if those tables are returned from the API.


Yes! It takes in doc-ids and table-ids as parameters. So you could make an entire Audit Doc and pull in doc metadata from any doc you have.

Said another way - the tables you pull in via the Audit Pack do not have to be inside the same doc that the original Coda tables exist in


Amazing! I’ve had my fair share of head scratching moments while doing archeology on a doc, trying to figure out what someone else (and at times even my past self) was doing with a certain column. And I love the idea of documenting a doc in the same doc using a Pack to ensure it always stays up to date. Well done!



well done indeed

this will make life so much easier as projects get bigger, docs get tanglier, performance gets sluggishier, and clients get crankier.

cant wait to try it out

metaphysical, pandimensional, intergalactic brilliance




You read my mind! This Coda Pack is going to save me so much time and headaches!


Awesome work! When a pack is so good it should just be added as a feature! The only thing missing (through no fault of your own I am sure) is being able to edit the formula’s directly from the pack tables.

I’ll keep poking around and let you know if I come up with any suggestions!

This is sweet! Thank you.

I think that something this could benefit from is a Private account feature.

Right now I’m thinking of using it on a doc that I manage for a client, but I have to generate an API token for it which will only have access to that particular doc.

This isn’t ideal because I’d prefer to be the only one that can use the Pack, if someone else wants to use the Pack they’ll have to sign in with their own API token.

This way I don’t have to think about the possibility that I might forget to generate an API token that applies to only that particular doc. Otherwise, any user of a doc with this pack installed could potentially Audit ALL of my docs, haha. I might not want that.

Ooh, one more thing!

It’s always nice to provide the formula for getting the current doc id in a field hint:

RegexReplace(thisDocument.ObjectLink(), ".*/d/_d", "")

Edit I see you did, but it’s actually quite the bummer that the argument hint can’t be copied.

Maybe you could do the Regex on the Pack side so that thisDocument could be passed directly?

Good thought Connor! Ill look into it

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Hi, first of all thank you for you work! This is really helpful!

I’ve started using it and found a limit of only one Column Data table :disappointed: Not sure why there is a limit…

Also, would be great to have an option to provide multiple table IDs in the future.

Do you think that the Column Data table limit could be unlocked or there is a technical problem? Thank you!

Hey @Farid_Sabitov !

So glad you are liking the pack. Can you give more context as to your issue?

You are trying to have two separate column data tables in a doc and it won’t let you? What error message does it give you!?

Screenshots always welcome!

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir,

Thank you a for a quick reply! Yes, here is the screenshot

As you can see there is a limit of using only one table per document and it’s not allowing adding extra “ColumnData” tables

All the best,

Got it - totally clears it’s up. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

Hey @Farid_Sabitov (and anyone else reading this thread) -

I’ve got us a workaround for now. The limit of a single sync table is something on the Coda Pack side (nothing that I wrote in the code and nothing that I can actually change)

But you do have the option to “Add Another Sync” to an already existing table. To do that:

Then updated the Audit pack code to include a “Table Id” column (as seen in the screenshot below). You can use this new column to then make as many filtered views of your master sync table as needed or group by that column. (if you filter by this Table ID column, you would get a view showing a single table)


Hi Scott, fantastic pack thank you !
Not sure if this is a Coda limitation or a bug, but I have a rather large doc with more than 100 tables+views and it seems I can’t sync more than 100 rows even if I select a table limit of (overkill) 10000 rows. Is this known behavior ?

Hey there!

I’ll put a continuation on the pack to sync larger amounts. What table of the Audit pack are you using specifically?


Hey Scott !
This is using DocTables table.

Got it! I expect to push a fix for it by early next week

How many is it currently syncing?


Exactly 100.
56 tables + 44 views.