Dynamic Sync Tables dev - do the same features applied to the getSchema hook also apply to the other dynamicOptions?

Documentation explains that the getSchema hook can access parameters:

The getSchema function can access the values of the parameters defined in the sync formula,

and when the getSchema hook is run w.r.t. to the sync table lifecycle:

The getSchema function is first run when the table is initially dragged into the document, before any parameter values have been set.

see Dynamic sync tables - Coda Pack SDK

Do the same rules apply to other hooks like getName?

In general it would be nice to have an overview of when the various hooks are run in the lifecycle.

Hi @loucadufault - Great point, I’ll put this on my documentation TODO list. The short answer is:

  • listDynmaicUrls - Every time you expand the dropdown for the dynamic sync table.
  • getName - Only once when the table is added to the canvas.
  • getDisplayUrl - Only once when the table is added to the canvas.
  • getSchema - As you mentioned above.
  • formula.execute - Every time the table is sync’ed (and again for each continuation of the sync).

You can observe the behavior first hand by opening the logs in the Pack Maker tools.