Dynamically limit number of rows shown in view based on control?

Hi Coda Community,

New user here looking for a way to dynamically limit the number of rows displayed in a view, either using a slider or some other control.

I’ve seen the posts using the slice function to return/display x number of rows which does the job but is limited to whatever value is included in the formula and I’m hoping to push it a bit further by adding some kind of control where the value can be changed as needed. Hoping row control can be a built in feature soon but until then, is this possible? What kind of solutions are available if so?

Coda support suggested I post here to seek assistance with this particular issue, any help would be hugely appreciated.


Hi Boleyn!

If you give each row an index number then it will be easy to add a filter to the view by checking that the index is less than some number (i.e. by a slider as you mentioned).

The simplest index is a calculated column with this formula:


Best of luck, please let us know if you need additional help

Hey Rickard,

That’s worked perfectly!

Thank you so much :smiley:

Awesome, welcome to Coda :blush:

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