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Right now when I embed a coda page it works really nicely. I can see the data and it provides a really cool view. This could actually be a really simple but effective solution to cross-doccing client portals without having to use loads of tables and slow cross doc solutions.

However I noticed that when I embed the buttons are disabled and I’m wondering if there is anyway to enable the buttons?

Hi Harry - currently full page embeds of Coda docs/pages are view only and can’t be edited from the place where they are embedded. That is why the buttons are disabled in the embedded view. Edibility of embeds is on the roadmap for the future though!


Hi Ben! Thanks for your quick response. I know that a lot of features we request are ‘added to the roadmap’ but is there a way I or other users can view this road map or have some visibility on when features are predicted to be rolled out?

A bit like notions page here: Notion Platform Roadmap

Just something that says ‘heres whats next’ and ‘heres whats coming in the long term’


For anyone looking for answer’s like me @shishir had a really good chat recently with the community which you can watch here: Event Lobby (EVENT: 4058782)

sounds very logical to have :slight_smile:

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Relatedly, is there a way to have a full-screen embed of a Coda page filtered to only show rows that are relevant to the viewing user, and when they expand one of the rows, they aren’t able to see other people’s rows?

:wave:t5: @Harry_Roper,

As Ben shared, we’ve been hard at work enabling editable Coda page embeds and I’m happy to share that it’s now live!

Coda page embeds will now be presented with your same level of access as the doc you’re embedding from so you’ll also be able to make changes without having to open the other doc.

Please read our update here to learn more.

editable embeds


Huge update from you and the team @Ayuba_Audu - thanks !

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