Filter rows, then sum

Hello everyone. I am a rank newbie.

From a table called “Field Service Report” with a date column called Date and a duration column called Hours, I want to total Hours for the current month only. This is the formula I came up with:

Sum(Filter([Field Service Report].Hours,month(last([Field Service Report].Date))=Month(today())))

The table is currently prefiltered to show only the current month’s entries. But I want the formula to work whether the table is prefiltered or not.

However, the formula is returning the total for the entire table (including the hidden rows). (1) What am I misunderstanding or doing wrong? (2) Any suggestions?


Hi Jim. Does this help?

[Table 1].Filter(Month(Date)=Month(Today())).Hours.Sum()

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Worked perfectly. I see my syntax was way off the mark. Need to study formula writing. Thanks for your help!

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