Formatting a field

I’m sorry, my question will certainly sound stupid to advanced users (I’m just taking coda in hand) but I’m trying to format fields automatically after a typing.

for example the user enters a phone number 5552222004 and automatically displays in the same field +1 (555) 222 2004

How do you do that? It’s simple from field to field but when is it in the same field?

Thank you for your help,


Dear @Vincent_Geneste, welcome to the community :handshake:

This is the right place to ask any questions and get the opportunity to learn, like I did and still do!

I have split the method in small steps, so you can easily follow and reproduce


What would be the way of doing the same formatting but for this?

It says 1/1 and i only want to extract the number 1, without the /1, but sometimes it’s more than one number, how could I do that?

Dear @SureKT

Please find the sample below:


Thank you a lot @Jean_Pierre_Traets :slight_smile: