Formula help two tables

So i have a project table with a select colunm and in another table my contact table i would like when i certain item is seleceted in the project table to modify a column in the contact table with the result of a number…

Hi @Feedback_Entertainment,

It sounds like you may need to go down the automation route.

You can find out more about automations here:

If you would like more specific assistance we would need to know how you are getting the number and where it should go. Please can you create a copy of your doc, remove all sensitive info and share it with us? Alternatively quickly put together a dummy doc with just the tables and necessary columns and share that. Be sure to detail in your response what table and column will change and what you expect to happen in which table and column.

Kind regards


Automation is not working. i have tried it and in the if section it always giving me an error.

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