Formula that adds up the value of rows that have a checked box

Is there a relatively simple formula for adding the value of column 2 IF column 3 is checked? I tried:

SumIf(TEST.[Column 2],TEST.[Column 3]=true)

That returns zero. I can’t seem to find an expression that successfully checks if column 3 is check or not.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @Jason_Guerra there isn’t a clean answer to this. There are some ways to hack around it that have been discussed on the community. My post here will set you on the hunt:

Hey, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I’m not interested in how many rows are checked and that seem the be what is produced from that formula.

In the picture above I want the SUM() of column 2, but only for rows where column 3 is checked.


Hey Jason, I think the filter formula is your friend here. Take a look at this example:


That’s exactly what I’m looking for and it works perfectly. Thanks you!

I had built a solution that involved a reference table that did the filtering then ran the sum() on that filtered table, but this is MUCH easier.

You’re welcome! Filter works for so many cases. It’s the Swiss army knife of Coda formulas.

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