Getting Actual Row ID Within Coda

The solution by @Paul_Danyliuk really did the trick!

I’m facing problems too, using Integromat, as it doesn’t get the row by the id gotten from the rowId() formula and have issues to search by the row name when we have multiple rows with the same content. and zapier functions require the root row id rather than the row id formula.

An update on this. Now it’s possible with this formula: Withname((_Merge(thisRow) + “”),JSON,ParseJSON(JSON,“$.identifier”))

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Hello !

+1 for the ability to access row uid with a formula to use it with Make.
(I was avoiding it until now by using a query to get the RowId in Make scenarios, but the ~20 seconds of API synchronisation makes it a nightmare. Collecting and sending the actual RowId would allow us to update the data without bothering the end user)

@BenLee : Is it something we could expect in the future ? (Or is it safe to use the Split(thisRow + “”, “/”).Last() solution ? )

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I don’t know that I’d call that safe to use because it’s not something that we test against to ensure it’s working as we go through upgrades.

We don’t have anything on the roadmap that I know of for adding this as a core feature at the moment, but we’re continuing to do a lot of work on packs, so you never know.

Thank you for your quick answer. Let’s cross fingers then :crossed_fingers:

My Packs wishes for now are this rowUid() formula + a safe way to create JSON:blush:

Hi, I notice this is quite an old thread now. Is there any update on official support for exposing the true row ID? I have zaps set up and the ‘find row’ step keeps failing. Passing the true row ID would make it much more robust.


Just stick with the Split(thisRow + "", "/").Last() trick, man… set that up in one column, use that and you’re good to go.
I use it in all my projects that require (or Zapier, Pabbly, those kind of tools).

The only update that I see is the ability you have to enable the developer mode, under your profile > labs. It let’s you copy the ID of lines, columns, tables, etc - but only right-clicking on it, which is not what you’re looking for.