New row value : thisrow.[rowid] has bug

Value for New row thisrow.[rowid] has a bug

If I add multiple rows at the same time. The row will filled with the same rowid number. Not its own rowid.

here’s the video

i may be wrong, but i think the rowId is actually set on the coda servers and not in the coda client in your browser.

this may be to facilitate multiple add-rows occuring via several users simultaniously.

so i believe there is a delay in the setting of rowIds during the round trip to the server and back again - these are done in batches.

so check again after a few seconds to see if the rowIds have been updated to the correct values.


Is there any reason you don’t set the column to a formula referencing RowId() instead?

This is a long known thing. Long time ago RowID()'s were just blank, and for the last 2-or-something years Coda comes up with a fake Row ID on the client side that’s basically Max() + 1. The reason is yeah — a true RowID is only set on the Coda server when a row is received and persisted there, to assure that the IDs are unique when multiple users add rows simultaneously.

You either have to use the formula for the column (it will recalculate when proper row IDs are available) and for an editable column use a separate column, or use some other row ID mechanism, such as the UID as described at the link above.

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So i could archive and restore it with reference later

Thanks a lot. I used to use rowUID. However, i want to keep it short when archiveed the row into csv. So i went back to use rowid.

And now facing with this fake id problem. I need to rethink again. Thanks for information.

no. It is never update

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