RowID unreliable when adding multiple rows

When adding multiple rows at once using FormulaMap, the RowID formula is extremely unreliable.
Not only does it work after a delay, but it also appears one row at a time.
This means that, if you have other columns dependent on the RowID formula, the calculating looks something like this:
Add multiple rows --> calculate all formulas --> update RowID of the first row --> recalculate everything --> update RowID of the second row --> recalculate everything -->...
This can create formula chains which takes hours to calculate.
What’s more, because this is a lot of quick formulas instead of a single long one, the disable calculations buttons doesn’t show up and even hard reloading the tab won’t help you, after the reload it will continue calculating.

A simple workaround would be to create your own id for each row when creating it instead of relying on the RowID function.
But this is still a huge issue which is hard to debug and can cause an enormous of headache and frustration.

And here is a demo which illustrates what I mean:

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I solved this by adding an ‘action’ that waits until all RowIDs have been assigned. Hold on, I’ll post the demo doc later today.

Here @Filmos