Here's what to do with endless calculations with very large docs (Lessons with large docs)

Here at Schmooz Media we have a doc we use to manage our entire service operation. However, I pushed a change in a formula that caused the doc to endlessly update. I’m sure it would end eventually, but it seemed like that day would never come especially in a busy work day where I’ve grown so dependent on the doc.

Why I think it took so long:
In the table I added changes to, the formula was the display column that needed to propagate everywhere, and was linked to many different tables, but not any formulas.

What to do next time:
Once you’re doc gets big enough it may be worth creating a copy of the doc. Although I’ve never tried this, and I’m not sure if it’ll take a while to copy very large app-like docs. The point of Coda for me is to speed up our development velocity so we’re constantly moving forward to a better future. That’s why I love Coda and have never opted for this option in my workflow of developing the doc.

Another option would be some sort of middleware table to act as a queue where there are much less records before pushing to the main table.

How I fixed it quickly:
I read that calculations are done locally, client-side. So, I hard reloaded my tab in Chrome by opening up the developer tools, then right clicking the refresh button. Once you do this you’ll be greeted by a empty cache and hard reload option.

I’m building big docs here at Schmooz Media, and will always be open to sharing the challenges I’ve overcome. This challenge took a good chunk out of my productivity because I’m very dependent on my Coda doc - which I think is a good thing. It’s multiplied my impact on Schmooz.

Are there any challenges you’ve come across from building large Coda docs?