Has anyone built a basic messaging system?

Hey all,

One of the features I want to add to my “habit installer” app is an accountability buddy feature, where you can see if a buddy is doing there habits, and send them a message of encouragement.

One of the things this will require is build a basic messaging system that saves all messages from and to, shows which ones have been read, and notifies you when you have new messages.

I can certainly build this all myself, but it occured to me that someone else may have already done this for another use case. Has anyone already made this?

Hey @Matt_Goldenberg I think this would really come down to what do you consider ‘messaging’ and what works in your application. I’ve successfully used the Gmail Pack, the Twilio Pack and the Slack Pack. All can send messages, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Do you want to push a one way outbound? Have a dialogue? Conditional logic?

Flush out your use case and then you can zero in on how to build it.

I looked into all those but none of them really fit my use case for free, real time communication. Rather, I want to build the function into coda itself (or alternatively, if there was a free api out there I could connect to coda that had real time messaging I’d use that).

This is why I’m asking if anyone has built the functionality into coda.

So you want to have the conversation in the Coda.io document? Its not clear what your vision is.

Yes exactly. Just like the basic inbox/conversation/personal messages feature on most social websites.

Hmm. It’s still not clear to me. I guess what comes up is you could have a single row, 2 column table [Message] [Submit Button] where you could type a message and then press submit. That would push it to a table that logged all the messages, time, submitter user. Then you could create another view that showed the last X messages.

Basic Schema

[Message] [Submit Button]

[Last 5 Messages (Message_Table.slice(0,5))]


That make sense?

Yeup, seems pretty straightforward to build, just time consuming, that’s why I figured I’d ask if someone has already built it.

OK @Matt_Goldenberg this what you’re looking for? As a testament to the power of Coda.io I was able to build this for you in 8 minutes :smiley:


Took a while, but I got this built!