Help/Advice With My Coda Strategy

Hi :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Coda is making changes and I’m happy they are moving to monetizing the platform, and I have to assess if this is still a good fit for my business right now.

I have a lot of docs but only a few I use regularly, and was hoping as my company grows I would be able to pay someone to develop the coda docs for me into a more advanced systems for our team. There are just so many moving parts to my business I haven’t invested the time into knowing what that looks like, and my primary goal is generating revenue for my business so I can keep paying the others on the team while we grow.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe Coda isn’t the place for me now? As it looks like with 2.0 the cost of how I’m using it doesn’t make sense, as it’s mostly just “word” docs and the functions aren’t being utilized at all.

The other thing is since I started using Coda I have referred so many developers and business people I know, but haven’t really kept track, wishing I had looking at those credits you get now.

I struggle with this as well. However, the cost of switching well in advance of needing Code-specific features is the readiness and preparedness of your IT strategy.

This is more of a test how valuable forward-caching of readiness is to your overall business strategy.

When each of us first discovered Coda, something about it created an invaluable attraction because we knew that eventually, this platform would address business requirements that cannot be easily addressed with document architectures of the previous century.

It is this promise of advanced publishing and collaboration capability that we quickly recognized and instinctively knew was one pathway to hyper-productivity. It was your gut saying - I need my company to change how it works so that I can advance my competitive posture.

This is a direct reference to the Golden Goose of Automation; pick something simple, automate it; invest the small time-savings into yet another small step to automate or optimize some other process. Rinse repeat and eventually you will realize significant progress (with a deep dependency on Coda docs) and competitors are wondering how you get so much done so quickly.

Indeed, the question is not really about Coda; that’s an implementation detail. The use of Coda docs in your business should emerge from a strategic sense of how to make your business more competitive. My gut (and yours likely) tell us Coda is probably part of the strategic plan - it’s just not clear until there is a key dependency on Coda that cannot be easily replicated with other implementation options.


Excellent advice!! Thank you :slight_smile:

With Appreciation,

Derek LaCrone