Hiring system automation

Hi community!

I have developed this nice table to manage my hiring process in my new small business. The problem was that I had over 300 candidates, so the emailing was chaotic and quite hectic.

I was wondering if there is any automation that I could use in the future with the Gmail integration perhaps or similar?

I will leave my doc here if someone wants to use it, as well for testing. It has 2 quite useful views of a table and a bunch of email templates for each situation and step of the hiring process

I hope someone can figure this out so more people could use this in their inicial steps into a business.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@joost_mineur Hey hey!! Do you perhaps have any genius solution for this? :eyes:

@Andreia_Alves Can you activate sharing in the doc please? :pray:

Hey!! Sorry for that!!

Done :slight_smile:

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