How can I use a button to create a new section?

I am trying to use a button to do two things:

  • add a row to a table (duh, got this)
  • create a new section/ page with the name of that row

I’m not sure if a formula can do this. My goal is to be able to use a button to create a new page which is referenced as a new row in a table. Does that make sense?


Hi @Russell_Jones,

Welcome to the Coda Community!

We don’t have the ability to create a new section with a button. The question definitely makes sense, and there have been a couple conversations about this, but we’re not sure what the full solution is just yet. It’s noted and discussed though.

Thank you for the quick response! Much appreciated!

Maybe we can put our heads together to figure out a solution? I am so new to Coda so maybe I’m not quite thinking with full knowledge.

We are trying to imitate Jira/ Linear. In other words, we want to be able to create a project/ page, wherein we will add a table/ database, where each row links to other pages/ sections.

So our goal would be to be able to create tables/ databases where each row is actually a link to another page. Does that make sense? Is there a simple, automated way to do this?