How I build AI AGENTS in Coda

Here is a short video about building AI Agents and Agentic Workflows using Coda AI

Video: Build AI AGENTS in Coda

AI AGENTS are implemented as Coda Tables.

  • Each type of Agent is a separate table and each instance of the Agent is a row in that table.
  • Agents are invoked by adding a row to the table with the relevent data.
  • The agent’s internal logic is controled by an action formula
  • Each AI Interaction within the agent has 3 parts
    • A formula builds a PROMPT using data from your tables
    • The prompt is executed by Coda AI and returns a RESPONSE
    • A formula parses the response and updates your tables with the data items
  • The action formula will then decide which AI AGENT to invoke next to progress the workflow

If you need to execute a RAG (a Retreival-Augmented Generative request using your own Knowledge Base), then you use a pack (eg: AI Assistant Magic pack by Troy Larson).

If you need to include a live Web query, the you can use the Perplexity pack by Daniel Basile).

Coda is an EXCELLENT tool for building AI Agentic Workflows and it has the added advantage of interfacing seamlessly with your manual workflows developed in Coda.

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[quote=“Xyzor_Max, post:1, topic:49074”]
AI AGENTS are implemented as Coda Tables.

Oh my, now I’m giddy with excitement! You’ve done it again, @Xyzor_Max - envisioning and implementing a complex process, then presenting it in a way that not only makes it understandable but obvious: of course coda is a brilliant fit for this type of agentic automation! Thank you so much for lightening the path!

I love the concept of storing prompts within tables, thus allowing an organization to share and iterate their organizational prompts.

By designing their own agents, organizations will be able to use their existing business logic to automate ever more aspects of their processes with ai. All while allowing for full transparency and auditability.

Let me finish by saying that your title of community yoda is well earned. Well earned indeed.


This sounds great. I am really excited to try out your pack! Where can I find it?

i took down the v1.0 pack to fix some bugs