How is the Median Function returning a 0 if there are no zeros in my table?

My table contains no 0s:

Yet simultaneously, Median is returning a 0

how is that possible?

@Connor_McCormick Can you share the doc?

What’s your email address?

I’ve made an access request!

Hey @Connor_McCormick i’ve tried adding 200 rows but i don’t get 0 as result fo the formula!
Is there any particular other steps i’m missing?

Here, found the minimum failure state:

Check the doc again to try yourself

I think that’s just the definition of median – it returns the average of the middle two for even count of numbers, in this case 1 and -1

Ah, you’re totally right. I did not know averaging the final two results (given an even sample size) was in the definition of median. Thanks!