How to activate automation in another DOC via a button in the current DOC

Hey, everyone! Perhaps the question will turn out to be a simple one. The task is to refresh a cross-doc table in another doc by a button from the current doc.
In the current doc I installed Coda Webhook, added Trigger hook button, added a link to Webhook from automation from another doc in URL. In the doc with Webhook, set up automation so that when webhook invoked then click refresh table. But something goes wrong and the automation shows failed to run. I don’t know much about webhooks, please help.

Hey there!

It’s nothing you’re doing wrong. Automations cannot, by design, refresh pack tables.

It will fail every time. You can only refresh pack tables manually via a button in the same doc or automatically every hour at best.

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Thanks for the reply! I thought it was possible to get the automation to click a button with the Refresh Pack Table action, via a webhook. It seemed simple to me. Too bad it turns out it can’t be.

I believe it’s a protective measure by coda for their servers.

A nefarious actor could write a simple script that would ping this automation every 2 min causing a constant refresh of a table

Then they could do this to every pack table and overload resources.

I don’t know for sure but this is my guess why coda won’t allow us to refresh tables via automations.


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