How to add: hovering over a word/phrase to see a text box with the definition

Is it possible to add a text box that appears when you hover over a word in the text? Think wikipedia-style, but that we can use internally (especially helpful in onboarding) to quickly explain terms, acronyms, etc.

Dear @Leea,

With the “@” and a 2 column table you can make some basic explanation.
When you hover over the word :male_detective: it will show a small text box as in the picture shown.

when you click on it, it will show a bigger frame that you will be able to amend to your needs under 1 and 2

I would advise to play with it :building_construction:

Another option is to use this JSON trick to create an untyped object that shows the first field as its display value and more fields on hover:


Taken from this doc here:

P.S. You can use spaces as keys of that JSON to make a more compact tooltip:

@Jean_Pierre_Traets 's approach above is overall simpler though. A table is easier to edit than a formula and unlike a formula it won’t calculate towards object quota in a free plan. My solution is more of an alternative for one-offs where you’d want this minimal tooltip UI specifically.