Tool Tips for Columns

Can there be some text added per column header that allows you to add a tool tip per column?
When you hover the mouse over each column for a period the tooltip is displayed.

I am constantly building takes that need a small explanation per column to ensure users complete the fields with the correct types of data.

Having a small tool tip function for each column header would go a way to contextualize the data within a sheet in some instances.



Tooltips are definitely something that is needed in coda.
But until they are added, this trick is a pretty decent workaround.

I’d love to see tool tips on column headers as well. It would make table views a lot more digestible for the average user without too much more work on the part of document creators.

I’d also love a tooltip/notes section underneath the header for a given table to give folks a quick intro to what it is and how it works.