Tooltip control

I’d like to add some tips (notice, notation) to show the user an explanation: what does this column mean, how to use it, some little help, etc. Something like Question icon with a modal dialog.

I can’t use Comments for this because I don’t see Comments in Present doc mode. And also because it is related to access settings.

Now I did it as text, but I don’t like to clutter the page with extra-text notes.


Great suggestion!

In the meantime, here’s a doc showing a hack I’ve used occasionally to achieve something similar: not sure if it’ll meet your needs. If you hover over the question mark icon at the end of the rows of the first table, a tooltip will show up. The tooltips themselves are stored in the second table. Un-hide the “Set tooltip” column in the first table to choose which tooltip should display for which rows (BTW, when making your selection, hovering over an icon in the list will tell you which tooltip you are looking at).



Clever solution! :smiley:

I now must weigh the pros/cons of rebuilding a major piece of workflow using this method. For that particular purpose, I would likely build it slightly differently, example here:

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Nice. That is a better approach to setting which tooltip displays where.

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In case you don’t like how the row reference based tooltips look like, you can use this trick.