Mega trick: Formatted tooltips for your table items (with JSON)

Here’s a pretty neat way to render tooltips. Unlike this solution it doesn’t require extra rows, and unlike @Filmoshyperlink hack it doesn’t rely on broken hyperlinks and is much richer.

The idea:

  • prepare a JSON object (text) with all the fields that you want to display in a tooltip
  • render it with ParseJson().


The first value in the JSON will be treated as a display value and will appear as cell text, while everything else will appear when you hover it with your mouse in a popup:


There’s also an advanced trick: you can preserve text formatting in this object that you’re creating. To do that, replace the value in "key" : "simple text value" with a Coda’s internal JSON representation of a formatted column. To get this, follow another trick by @Filmos:

By inserting it as a value in your JSON, you’ll make Coda render it recreating the formatting:

Here’s the doc for you to play around:

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Doesn’t look like the doc is public?

Oops, seems like something changed on that front. Previously embedding automatically added “can view by link”. Fixed.

UPD: also added same formatting hack to popup content, and made column names more verbose.

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@Paul_Danyliuk, it’s always amusing to read (and learn from) your tips.
Chapeau! :tophat: