Add Tooltips or Explanation to Custom View Buttons?

I have a couple of buttons in one of my tables which are only active is certain other conditions are met. There’s nothing I can do about that, but some users are finding it hard to remember exactly what other fields they need to fill in on customer views in order to enable the button functionality.

Does anyone have any tips on how to improve the UX here? Ideally, I’d like a hover-over tooltip or explanation that could be placed on columns, which I could edit to include the prerequisites for each button, but I’m open to any suggestion that helps make the UI a little clearer :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already considered it, you could assign a formula to the label field rather than plain text, e.g. SwitchIf(condition 1, “string 1”, etc.).

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Sorry, I’m not sure that I follow. My button field does have conditional logic, hence why it isn’t clickable until certain prerequisites are fulfilled. However, as those conditions are hidden within the column formula, an average user has no idea of knowing what they are. I just want to be able to have a pop-up or something that will explain it to them :slight_smile:

I mean in the label field of the button (‘click here’). You could literally make it say ‘do this or that’ on the button itself, depending on the condition. Not sure how to make it more clear than that, but that should do the trick.

I see, that would work but would make the button very large! Definitely a possible workaround, though I would prefer something more elegant :+1:

I agree it’s not ideal, but it is what is possible at the moment. For the sake of brevity you might consider using error codes/words on the button, with detailed explanation provided in a table. Users will memorize them in time.

Another option is to add a formula on the canvas above/below the table itself, that is blank by default but outputs text when needed.


+1 on adding meta-data fields to column UI that can be programmatically accessed for serving to the user information about the column (eg, tooltips, pre-populated field instructions that go away once user enters data, etc.)

CONTEXT EXAMPLE: QA checklists where the end user has input columns and requires meta-data about each for determining the proper input (eg: instructions, references, caveats, etc).

  • The “Value for New Rows” field option hard codes a value into the row that isn’t easily updated. I therefore never use this option for meta-data purposes.
  • Another option is to add a second column for holding the meta-data of the first column. I’ve been using this option, but given that it doubles column count, it’s resource expensive, to say the least.

There is actually a way to achieve buttons with tooltips, but it uses hidden formulas which are experimental.
You can read more about this trick here.