Shortcut to clickthough to View Details directly


This gif shows how a lookup table allows you to View Details by hovering over the cell.

I find myself using View Details a lot, and I don’t like waiting for the overlay to pop up so I can click the View Details link.

It would be great to have a shortcut to automatically pull up View Details.

I recommend Shift + Click or Option + Click

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@tomavatars I think you mentioned something about this somewhere else, love to get your thoughts!



It reminds me something but that was a while ago :grin:
I agree with you, that could be a handy shortcut.

More, I would love to have control specifically on the layout of the view when hovered. This specific view.

I found myself trying a new way to display active task list as bulleted list, and I actually managed to display a done button at the top of the view when hovering tasks, but I had to move this “done” column at the second place on my parent table, which doesn’t fit my use of the parent.
@jaime, some thoughts?



Little trick by using an additional column:



Good hack! Works particularly well when there are only one or two Lookup columns, but seem rather superfluous when there are more than that.

Thanks for sharing!



More, I would love to have control specifically on the layout of the view when hovered. This specific view

This :point_up:would be cool. In your view, are you saying it should be different from the standard one, or similar?



I want it to be as it is actually, but I want to have control over the layout of the hovered card. This way, I could display what is important. In my case, buttons that could be triggered to have an impact on the card.



I guess what I’m asking is would you have the View Details layout be the same as the Hover layout, or different?



I would like them to be different. To have the ability to make them different. Just to have control over the hovered view.



Okay, so I made something but Coda has moved something so it doesn’t work anymore :sob:
@jaime is it from your service?

So here is what I’ve done before:

It is a bulleted list that takes rows from a table. What was cool before today, is that I could add a “Done” button and from by base table move the Done button at the beginning of the table (the column) and hide it (because I dont use this button in the base table).
This caused the button to be at the top of the hovered card.
Now, it doesn’t work anymore when I hide the “Done” Column on my backlog, I can’t see the Done button.

The base table (backlog):