Limit what's shown when hovering over an "event" in the Calendar View

I don’t need people seeing all of this data about a row:


Toggl Tracker, for example, provides a much more useful pop-out “module”.

So I think the ability to choose what Layout is opened in Calendar view on hover with the ability to display “columns” in a more flexible manner, instead of showing them one under the other would be all that’s necessary.

Screenshots below show the current design on the left, and what I would personally prefer on the right.

Hey there! You actually can modify the columns begin shown in your hover-over calendar view.

The columns that are shown in a calendar hover-over are the visible columns in a table-layout of that same calendar

For example, in my Copy of EasyMeet I have a calendar view and when you hover over any of the calendar bars you only see these columns

Therefore, if I turn my calendar into a table, the only two columns visible are the two in the hover over. Any columns I make visible in the table will then show in the hover over when/if I unhide them in the table

Hopefully that makes sense!

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Oh, that makes sense. I didn’t think of that for some reason, I just accepted my fate :smile:.

With that being said, having a more flexible way to display columns, especially buttons, next to each other for example, should not be a priority for the Coda team in my opinion, there are other more important things to focus on. I say this as if it matters what I think Coda team should do…