Edit modal when hovering over select list/relation

Is there a way to change what fields appear when you hover over a select list/relation option? There’s a ton of useless info in there and I’d like to limit it. or even, removing the modal altogether?

The list of properties on the modal reflects the list and order of visible columns in the base table.

Which is unfortunate, because the best practice is to keep the base table fully visible with no hidden columns so that it’s easy and quick to make changes on it.

I logged a feature request for this some time ago — to make the appearance of the popup customizable and independent of the visibility of columns, but I can’t find it anymore.


Yup. Want to echo

Same practice here with base tables having all columns visible, but also bummed their hover states reflect the viable columns of the base table

The only “hoverable” items that don’t follow this patter are calendar items that I know of.

When a table is viewed as a calendar, the items on the calendar hover state reflect the table-version view we’re that calendar to be returned to a table state

Ok it’s very helpful to know that the visible columns in the modal are determined by the base table. Did not know that! So I guess the workaround is to have a dummy ‘base table’ with all the columns that is actually a view of the real base table which has columns hidden for the modal. Weird workaround but I guess it works without too many issues?

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