Configure the hover popup view for rows of a table anywhere in the table options

The popup that appears when hovering over a row when it is referenced in a lookup column of another table, or as a dropdown item, seems to list the fields for that row in a seemingly arbitrary order. It’s annoying to have to scroll down to find the field that is relevant (usually to distinguish rows with the same value in the display column) for determining which row the display column value is referring to.

A simple approach would just be to have another option in the table options that would allow you to choose which columns to show in the popup and in which order (exact same as “Columns” option).

Slightly more convenient would be populating this option to the same as the “Columns” option, until changes are specifically made to this second popup option (such that the columns shown in a popup for any row of a table is by default the same columns shown in that row’s main table, and in the same order).

Simplest approach would be just copying the “Columns” configuration for that table and applying it to the popup view, so at least the order of the columns is consistent with that row’s table, and appropriate columns are hidden.

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