Have you used Buttons?

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  • What are buttons?

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If yes, what did you do with them? Would love to hear details - describe, include an image, or share a doc with us.
Also would love to hear what else you’d like buttons to do.

  • Appreciate your feedback!

I didn’t have much time to play with buttons recently.
I began to replace the old school way to add data to tables (table view with now formula) with button entries.
I also used buttons on one column to add rows to another table.

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I used buttons for users to add and drop teams for a fantasy sports league. For example, if someone clicks the “I want it” button next to a team they want to add, it adds the team to their lineup. There is also a “Drop” button to remove a team from your lineup. After some trial and error, I also added “disable if” parameters so that people cannot pick up more teams than they are allowed to have.

I’m doing some pretty fun stuff with a shared client doc that enables a button once a bug is marked as “complete”, it requires the client either click the button “confirm complete” or “not complete” and it either archives the bug or brings it back up into our radar.

We also have one for marking specific feature requests as PAID which modifies the row and changes around some information.

Have a couple other buttons that trigger other buttons in the same row in order to have multi-step automations essentially. Definitely nifty, just starts filling up columns with buttons though. Would prefer to be able to just format multi-step buttons without having to trigger other buttons to do that.

Lots of overall potential though and it leads to more consistent results which is nice!