Help a dummy! A column that just counts how many times a button is clicked!


I am trying to make a table with five columns: the first with a list of tasks, and the following four columns as follows: “High priority?”, “Just compliance?”, “Both?”, “Not Sure”. I want a button in of those last four columns and I want it so that if someone selects “the High Priority” button next to task 1 then I get a result in a sixth results column.

I know how to do all of the above, EXCEPT get a running total of people’s clicks in the result columns! Help!

Set the 6th column as a number and start with 0. For the buttons you can create a formula that just takes the 6th column, and adds one.

Set it to “Modify” a row. Select column 6. in the formula its just a (name of column6)+1


Oh my goodness thank you!! So simple. MUCH APPRECIATED

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