Ability to track button clicks

We’re making a lot of client dashboards at the moment for agencies and it would be useful to start tracking what their clients are doing in the dashboards. This way we can make data driven decisions on what we should build next, aside from asking them as well!

Im wondering whats easier to do here:

  • Add a function to every single button click that adds a new row in a table somewhere (a bit long to implement)
  • Create a pack that does all of this for us. Is that even possible?
  • Ask Coda for the data they collect on us and use that. Not sure what Coda tracks or if we can get access to our workspace data that easily.

Looking for suggestions, tips or advice here!

Best possible way, et not that long to implement !
Create a very unique table “click_tracker”, use `Runaction(YourButtonAction,AddRow(XXX)) and use the name/category ot the button to a column “Name/Category” of your Click Tracker Table.

Honesty, I did it on a document and this is very easy. Then you have the “createdOn” value on the table, so that you can track the number of click and when they occur. You can also add a User column and set the default value to User() when created.

Honestly, except if you already have 4576 existings buttons, I’d do that !


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