Logging the button clicks per user

Hi all,

Let me explain the situation first:

We have salespeople in the stand and they need to mark the number of visitors (a simple counter with criteria). For every visitor that comes they’ll press a button in coda that will add a +1 to a table.

For example, if an interested person from marketing came, a salesperson will click the “marketing” button and the counter in the results table: ROW = Today(), COLUMN = “Marketing” will add +1.

With this setup I can track how many and what kind of people came to the stand every day. However I cannot track which salesperson clicked the button, in what day. Is there a clever way with automations, or clever button design where I could achieve this? In essence to see the logs of button clicks?

I think the simplest way would be to set the buttons to add a row in a “log” table
each entry will record the type of person (e.g -“Marketing”), the salesperson name (user) and the time
then you can filter that table and count the entries in any way you want


Hi @Rokas_Jurkenas,
Do you mean something like this?:

[edit]: it’s basically the implementation of what @Asaf_Dafna suggested, but we posted our answer almost simultaneously… :wink:


Perfect, that was exactly what I was looking for. I guess I was approaching the problem from a slightly wrong direction :slight_smile:

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Happy it did work