Detailed usage statistics

We moved to Coda as a team fairly recently and primarily use it for all of our project management tracking.
We’d really benefit from knowing which sections are used most, who by and how often - as well as how this changes as we make tweaks and new sections of the document.

The only Statistics I can find in Coda today displays general information about document composition and contents - number of rows, buttons etc.
As for usage, I can see the number of copies and total views - ever, not over a period or unique views.

It would be incredibly useful for us to be able to see more detailed usage stats to help us better understand which parts of the document are most used and by whom.


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Hi Pietro,

although I agree it would be nice if it was built-in, I think you can implement all of this pretty easily right within Coda :slight_smile:
In your “user” table, you add a number of columns containing the analytics, and you increment them, or trigger the timer, each time a user presses one of your buttons (double the columns to add a timestamp, triple them to add a parameter like which project or which task). One way to enforce this is to have only a single page to entry the document, and then use buttons to jump to hidden pages (with the OpenURL () function).
You can even customize the display the way you see fit :wink:
I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to track unactivity (browser page left open but not focused), but apart from that, if you build your doc with buttons, you could do everything by yourself!

Best wishes,