Launched: Track, analyze, and optimize your docs and Packs through the publishing stats dashboard

Gone are the days of wondering about the ROI of your Packs and docs. With our new publishing stats dashboard, you have all the information you need to grow your business, right at your fingertips.

Track the performance of the work you publish with detailed analytics.

Here’s how it helps makers make their best:

  • Track the number of installs, sessions, conversions, copies, reads, and much more on your docs and Packs.
  • Analyze what works well (and what doesn’t) so you can make more of what resonates with makers.
  • Optimize your time, energy, and resources by making data-driven decisions about where to spend them.

v2_FINAL My Stats GIF-min.gif

You did the hard work of creating delightful docs and Packs—now your publishing statistics will help ensure they’re reaching your audience. Check it out at


This is awesome! A one-stop shop for makers publishing on Coda, taking the guesswork out of the question ‘what should I make next?’ Excited for this to be in the hands of the maker community!


really excited to try this out!