Launched: More insight into your team’s productivity with new AI analytics

In December, we launched new AI analytics to provide visibility into AI credit usage across and within docs. Now, makers can easily explore trends across docs, and admins can view workspace consumption over time.
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Doc insights for makers

If you’re seeking inspiration or curious about how your team is getting value, makers on enterprise teams can view Coda AI analytics for top docs they have access to, in their workspace. For example, you might uncover that the launch calendar or product team docs have Coda AI usage, which could spark new ideas for use cases.

  1. Navigate to and select your avatar.
  2. Choose My stats from the dropdown. You can choose between all docs, or just your published docs.
  3. Browse AI usage across docs, or type in a doc’s name in the search bar.
  4. You can also hover over a doc and select see details to view more information.

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Workspace insights for admins

Admins who are monitoring AI adoption can now explore historical trends. For example, if you ran an AI training, you can check if usage increased afterward.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select workspace settings.
  3. Choose the Coda AI tab.
  4. Select view detailed usage.
  5. Choose between monthly or daily.

Whether you want to investigate usage, or are curious how your teammates are using Coda AI, you can use these new dashboards to help.

As you explore your team’s usage and top docs, we’d love to hear how Coda AI empowers your team be more productive!


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