Launched: Audit API for Coda enterprise admins [ENTERPRISE]

From yearly strategy to quarterly planning to daily write-ups, over 25,000 teams trust Coda with their rituals — one reason why we’re investing so heavily in making sure Coda is a secure environment. Last November, we introduced more insights and controls for enterprise admins on Coda. And today we’re launching even more: the Coda admin audit API .


Our new API supports auditing activities via an event log so you can see when and how docs have been created or shared, Packs have been added or requested, and users have interacted with Coda. You’ll also be able to see workspace changes, folder creation and updates, as well as org-wide changes (such as role changes and sharing rule updates). For a more complete look into all the events supported, I highly suggest this published doc.

We believe that IT and security teams are the architects of the new office. You equip your teams with the tools — hardware and software — needed to shine in their day-to-day, all while protecting their data and their work. We hope this API helps you get through your day just a bit quicker and easier.

A few notes:

  • To see activity insights, check out your user management doc. Questions? Contact your friendly Customer Success Manager for a VIP onboarding and troubleshooting!
  • All enterprise workspaces within your domain will be supported — yes, even if you have multiple!
  • If you have multiple non-enterprise workspaces within your domain, those workspaces will not be audited but all users will be (as they’re tied to your enterprise organization).
  • This API is automatically available to all workspaces on Coda’s enterprise tier.
  • Interested in our enterprise tier and all its admin goodies? Reach out to our customers team to learn more!