Launched: More insights & controls for Coda Admins [ENTERPRISE]

It’s been a year since we launched Coda 2.0 so teams could make, share, and evolve their processes and rituals. Along the way, we’ve learned from our IT partners about the intricacies of scaling the team tool stack securely. Those conversations helped us realized there were more ways to make Coda simpler, cleaner, and faster for these admins, who we oftentimes refer to as the “architects of the new office.”

That’s why I’m excited to announce two new features today: the Coda Admin Dashboard and Packs Approvals.

Coda Admin Dashboard

Like many of our favorite dashboards at Coda, we designed the Coda Admin Dashboard as a doc! If you’re an organization admin on the Enterprise plan, you can access your customized doc to see how your team is using Coda. You can also sort and filter users by role or usage, as well as bulk-upgrade (or downgrade) from one table. And because the data lives in a doc, admins have a unified surface to see, analyze, and visualize their data to make data-driven decisions quickly.

To get started, check your inbox! Your dedicated Customer Success Manager should have reached out to schedule your VIP onboarding. If you’re not yet on our Enterprise plan and would like to learn more about the Coda admin experience, let us know.

Packs Approvals

It takes a lot of tools to keep a team running smoothly and securely. It’s why we built Packs, integrations that can be customized, to ensure we’ll always play nicely with your other apps. Both not all tools are made equal and some may not meet your rigorous security standards just yet.

With Packs Approvals, organization admins can now enable or disable specific Packs for all users. Team members can then request access for Packs. Admins can view and manage all Pack requests from their organization settings. You can learn more here.

Insights with control

The doc is your new office so it has to be one you can trust. We hope that these new features, alongside our other security measures like SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, meet the challenges of helping your team scale securely. If you’d like to get a running start, reach out to your dedicated CSM for a VIP onboarding of the admin dashboard. And if you’re interested in learning more about the Enterprise plan’s admin experience, reach out here to get a demo.