Announcing Packs (and a quick ask for the community)


Hey all,

I’m sure many of you saw our announcement of Packs, the new Coda feature that connects your docs with your favorite apps like GitHub, Figma, and Slack.

Two asks for the community:

  1. If anyone has feedback on the packs experience or ideas for the next packs we should build, we would love to hear from you.

  2. We would love your help in spreading the word about Packs by heading over to our Product Hunt page and giving us an upvote. If you aren’t signed up for Product Hunt yet, you can still easily sign up and vote. Thanks in advance!




Packs look like an exciting direction.



Hi Jerols.

I am sure you get many requests to integrate with platforms. This one I believe is going to be very productive for you. Podio from Citrix. You should consider making a direct inegration with Podio. This is a powerful below-the-radar tool that can replicate almost any type of business system out there. It is now sort of a low-code app maker instead of what it is sold as in the surface (a project mngmt app). And because it is so powerful as an app building platform it benefits from a very strong partners network. There is no solution like yours in the marketplace yet. Notion the one closet to you does not fill the gap of what you guys are doing. And Podio lacks exactly what you are offering. Thus … the Podio partners would be very benefitial for you as they would be integrating Datadeck into the development work they do on Podio for their clients. In short, I recommend and request that you add Podio into your pipeline and integrate Coda to it. I know for sure I will be one of your first clients if this is done. Thank you!



Hey Carlos,

I actually have some experience using Podio at my last startup. Definitely a powerful tool. I’ll take a look at their API. Thanks for the recommendation!



Coda pack
Todoist pack
Evernote pack

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Hi John!

Your post has me curious! What kinds of things might a Coda pack do?

Josiah Krutz



Packs look fantastic, congratulations!

Do you have a HubSpot pack in the pipeline? My company has started using it heavily, and it has lots of useful features.

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Yep, it’s in the works @Yoz_Grahame ! Would love to hear how you might use it, thanks!




Packs are awesome!!

I would love to see
Evernote Pack
ToDoIst Pack
Dropbox Paper Pack



Done! Thanks for this update, it rocks!
We’d need Google Form for our playtests. Need this quite quickly as we are planning our playtests sessions in about two weeks. Mailchimp would be good as well.

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Disclaimer: not my idea, but embraced it when I heard someone else describe it.

A coda pack would enable me to fetch and edit data from an external Coda doc. Example: let’s say I have list of books to read In Doc A and a todo list in Doc B, I can add a title from A to B. If it is marked complete in B, it is categorized as “read” in A. This could reduce the number of rows and tables in a particular doc, eliminate the need for huge multi-subject docs and enable dashboard docs.

Might also help with permission issues—share Doc A with clients or freelance help, which contains some (but not all) data from Doc B.



I’d love to see a Discord Pack, since it’s essentially Slack plus an incredible community platform in one.



Are you referring to Discourse? As in, the software we use to run this community? We actually have a pack in the works!



A Coda pack is coming! And part of the reason is to start to handle the kind of scenarios you are describing. Super excited about it.



A JIRA pack would be wonderful



I really meant Discord

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Discord is a Slack for gamers. We also replaced slack with discord for the sake of efficiency. Adding a Discord pack would be nice!

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Hi Jerols,
I’m super excited about the direction and capabilities of ‘Packs’!
I’d like to suggest that Coda prioritizes building a Pack for ‘Microsoft Teams’

Now that Microsoft has opened up a super unrestricted version of Teams to all Microsoft and Office 365 account holders (free now for both home, personal, and business editions), Teams is now the fastest growing messaging platform on the market!

My organization has recently adopted Teams and it would be awesome if there was a Coda Pack that directly supports it! Coda could simply copy the existing functionality of the ‘Slack’ Pack.

Thanks for listening! -JT

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Great work on packs! That looks like a lot of work. Congratulations and thank you very much!

I have two questions:

  1. The recommended way to get simple data into a table is still using Zapier (Connect Coda with other apps using Zapier)?

  2. Are you looking into opening up the Packs for third party developers? It would be great to offer our users good integration with their tools. I also see a lot of other ways you could build great apps on top of Coda with the right packs.

A simple use case we currently try to improve: we want a user who has signed up to show up in a table. From there, we can assign them automatically to account managers to follow up or complete their profile so we better know how to support them.

Our current solution posts a message to a slack channel for every new account. From there, all interaction is manual and is mostly documented in a spreadsheet.

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Happy to answer these questions!

  1. Yeah, Zapier or the API are currently the best methods for populating a table with some data. There are some Packs formulas that return lists of things, but those can’t easily be mapped into tables just yet. This is a problem we’re still working on a solution for, so stay tuned.

  2. Packs are still very much hot off the press, so we don’t have any details to share about opening them up to third-party developers just yet. That being said, we’re definitely accepting suggestions – just shoot us a message through the in-app help so we can prioritize accordingly.

For your use case, I would recommend either using Zapier to add a new row to your Coda doc when someone signs up, or if the sign up is from some custom platform, you can also use our API to insert a new row.

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