Updates to Slack Pack

Slack was one of our very first integrations when we launched Packs in 2018. As we’ve settled into more of our remote work rhythms, we decided to show a little more love to the Slack Pack.

Starting today, you can now generate a User Table with the Slack Pack.

If you’ve already installed the Pack and authenticated your account, simply type ‘/slack’ and select “Slack” from the Pack Tables options. After the table syncs, you’ll have columns populated with your Slack workspace’s Users, Handles, Names and Email addresses. You can also add columns for ID, Phone Number, Title, Status and Avatar


You can also find this table option by clicking Explore > Packs > Slack and then dragging the ‘Users’ table option into your page.

For more on the Slack Pack, visit https://coda.io/packs/slack, or review a quick tutorial on the Slack Pack at https://help.coda.io/en/articles/2826831-using-the-slack-pack


We noticed that Coda not reading Slask url of this kind:
slack: // user? team = 21321321 & id = 213213213
Such URLs allow you to open a private message directly in the slack application.

Can you add support for this link format?

The Slack API doesn’t return that URL, but we added TeamId to the users so you can construct this in a formula now:

The formula is:


Hope this helps!